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Bachelors of Business Management, SMU (Year 3)


I love to play football and I do enjoy exploring the world of timepieces.

4D1C022D-276C-4363-8583-8F28012A070F - Abbas Keshvani.jpeg

Abbas Keshvani

Enjoy tennis, stand-up comedy, and reading about history - Always up for a chat and connecting with new people.

FX Strategist, JP Morgan

1623726058572 - Hans Raj.jpeg

Senior Analyst (IB), Maybank

Hans Sukhani

Senior Analyst, IB, Maybank

Going plant-based to save the world; Netflix takes up my free time; Cooking videos on YouTube are my therapy

9D074A8C-7C04-4FBE-B8EF-666E19B38455 - Fathona Aulya.jpeg

I love trekking hills/mountains so much, the one itinerary that I always must have when travelling is trekking; Post-covid, I have picked up henna/jagua as a hobby; My friends say I’m an extrovert but I’m really more of an INFJ :-)

Bsc Business, NTU (Year 1)


IMAGE 2021-11-24 23_11_29 - Sharafinaz Shawal.jpg

Bachelors of Sci in Econs, SMU


I enjoy cycling and playing badminton during the weekends - I like to binge watch shows when i'm stress out! - I enjoy teaching children mathematics :)

Bachelors of Science in Econs, SMU (Year 1)


Bachelor of Accountancy, SMU

Durratun Nafisah

Bachelors of Accountancy, SMU
(Year 2) 

I love watching Netflix during my free time; I like trying out new food; I love rollercoasters.

06E37741-94A1-4A89-92C2-B62BA828A56D - Luqman Hakim.jpeg

Cloud Engineer, Versent

Cloud Engineer, Versent

Luqman Tajudin

In-line skating and cafe hopping on the weekends if I’m not binging horror movies 👻

photo_2020-03-16_22-59-16 - Irsyad Ramthan.jpg

Assoc. Product Manager, X0PA AI

Irsyad Ramthan

I love music; I'm obsessed with YouTube & Documentaries; I have 200+ tabs open in my mobile Chrome browser which desperately needs cleaning up.

Haikal 1 - Haikal Yusuf.jpg

Bachelors of Mech Eng, NUS


I build LEGO sets in my free time!; I enjoy learning & trying out new recipes; I love talking about finance & tech with others!

Bachelors of Mech Engineering, NUS (Year 4)

photo6210683333659176700 - musa yassin.jpg

Musa Yassin

Bachelor of Engineering, NTU
(Year 2)

I love rollerblading, I love hiking, I enjoy 3D Printing.

photo_2021-11-07_19-13-22 - Azeez Raasheeda Fathima.jpg

Bachelors of Engineering, SUTD (Year 3)


I am a programmer on weekdays and a cyclist on weekends.

94FE52E1-703A-4EBD-8928-E003279FAAF3 - Aishah Rahmat.jpeg

Senior Associate, DBS Banking


Senior Associate, DBS Banking

I like long walks; I’m usually binge watching crime dramas in my free time; I love reading spoilers.

DA92953C-ED73-4453-AE5F-A7F07885AB4B - MURAT SALMAN.jpeg

Program Manager, Apple

Murat Salman

You can spot me running at Botanic Gardens. I am an early morning person who needs his morning coffee to start the day.

Program Manager, Apple

IMG_20211117_221736_025 - Haady Mattar.jpg

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Diagnostic Radiography, SIT (Year 1)


Maggi Goreng Connoisseur; Mountain biker; Social butterfly.


Bachelors of Business Management, SMU (Year 2)

Farah Aqilah

I love getting to know new people, exploring museums and eateries is my favourite pastime, I enjoy listening to music - a way for me to destress.

C18F370E-9024-48DD-8288-6AE295529DE6 - Fatihatul Hasanah.png

Bachelor of Business, SIM


Bachelor of Business, SIM
(Year 2)


I love snapping photos with my film camera; I love the aroma of coffee; I love a cup of good teh tarik in the cold weather!!

IMG_20210612_141621 (3) - Abdul Khaliq Bin Osman.jpg


Engine Programmer, Ubisoft

Coffee is love. Enjoy the outdoors, gaming, coding, badminton. Getting into cycling.

53662499-3AA6-4A40-8D39-3D65E6B59A22 - Sylvia Look.jpeg

Program Manager, Google 

Sylvia Look

After spending a decade of my youth playing competitive sport, I now get by with occasional jogs and strength training in the gym. When I am not watching Netflix, I enjoy reading biographies and discovering new technologies or startups.


Bachelor of Science (IS), SMU


I'm a simple girl who always tries to find happiness in the small things in life; I love working out at the gym; My current favourite TV series is Grey's Anatomy.

Bachelor of Science (IS), SMU
(Year 2)

me - Amir Azhar.jpg

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering, NUS (Year 4)

Amir Azhar

I am an aspiring web developer and I love hanging out with friends and family. Also, I'm an avid fan of Marvel!

1619527080673 - DakwahApps.jpeg


I love learning about new technologies; I enjoy developing apps that benefit the community (Check out Pusara Checklist!); I love cooking and eating Instant Noodles.

Bachelor of Computing (IS), NUS (Year 3)

IMG_8259 - Grace Chanya Kaorapapong.JPG

Senior New Business Strategist, Google

Grace Chanya Kaorapapong

A Thai native who has been in Singapore for about a decade. I truly enjoy reading, hiking in the woods, and getting to know people.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-06 at 13.53.25 - Ness R.jpeg

Senior Account Developer, Mulesoft

Nas Rawtaer

I enjoy the feeling of flying when I do aerial yoga. The best way to start my work day is to go for a run by the river. I enjoy eating all types of food and I haven't found a cuisine I don't like.

photo_2022-02-06 16.28.48.jpeg

Banking & Finance, SIM UOL


I enjoy hanging with my friends!

Banking & Finance, SIM UOL (Year 1)

Profile pic - Iz Thaqyf.jpg

Bachelors of Mech Engineering, NTU (Year 2)


I do love sports; football and tennis I like exploring( eg.scuba diving) and trying new things all the time. Dreams of having a job that allows me to travel!

IMG-20190524-WA0003 - Ct239Dzafirah.jpg


I'm a matcha addict; I do Muay Thai to release stress; I love to bingewatch shows during my free time.

Bachelors of Business, SUSS
(Year 3)

IMG_20210620_232251_051 - Sheikh Naufal.jpg

Business Intelligence, TiffinLabs


Deep life conversations over Teh Ice Recreational Strength Training Enthusiast I'm also weirdly into medieval war strategies.

D61265C8-DB05-44B9-84D7-22131C6A0B4D - Syed Ali Ridha Madihid.jpeg

Co-Founder, Luwjistik

Syed Ali Ridha Madihid

A sneaker head foodie that loves his coffee masquerading as a serial entrepreneur focus on democratising the logistics industry with technology.

photo_2021-11-15_13-50-41 - Ain Nuha Hazlan.jpg

Bachelors of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, NTU (Year 3)


I love reading on commute rides. I spend too much time in the depths of Wikipedia and I'm always up for a spontaneous picnic!

906EAA5B-0C6F-429D-907A-FCA09FF7E272 - Sharifah Afifah Alsree.jpeg

BSC Economics (Quantitative) & Data Science & Analytics, SMU (Year 1)


Sports enthusiast. Loves conversations over coffee (Down for it anytime, just hit me up!!) Deeply passionate about health and wellness.

photo_2021-11-16_21-15-59 - Ruqayyah.jpg


I enjoy watching films and series in different languages though I don’t understand them. I love eating pasta and penne’s my favourite. I like trying out new things.

Bachelors of Accountancy, SMU (Year 2)

20180802_131509 - Aleena Mansoor.jpg

Brand Director, P&G

Aleena Mansoor

Weekends are for Yoga & Good conversationA major nerd at heart who loves devouring books.Love to break it down on the dance floor (and grocery aisles/anywhere really).

Image from iOS (6) - Mae Noor.jpg

Senior Marketing Lead, Wantedly

Mae Noor

I'm passionate about theatre and the arts I'm obsessed with tv shows and i watch A LOT of it, also obsessed with comics (i collect funko pops) I'm an avid skier with a bucket list to try out Winter Olympic slopes around the world.

Senior Marketing Lead, Wantedly SG

301C57F2-287E-42BD-BCEA-618A7028D315 - Sabrina Nufid.jpeg

Bachelors of Arts (Communications), SIM (Year 3)


I spend most of my $$$ on my cat, norwie #catslave; I love playing floorball. My coping mechanism is laughing, a lot.

A83CF3FE-4E71-46EA-9936-1B56C93FEC61 - Irdina A.L.jpeg

Bachelors of Sci in Marketing, SUSS (Year 4)


I enjoy exploring cafes to try out with my friends and learning about coffee. I love watching films and discovering new music.

910FEE04-69F5-4892-BD85-382E2379BD56 - Ajrina Ajenan.jpeg

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor in Analytics, SUSS (Year 4)


I enjoy seeking therapy at the gym, in music and whipping something up in the kitchen!

28C54A77-29F6-474A-B416-0D925DA905A0 - Liyi Chen.jpeg
28C54A77-29F6-474A-B416-0D925DA905A0 - Liyi Chen.jpeg


Taylor Swift is my latest earworm.

Digital Innovation Office, PWC