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Bachelors of Business Management, SMU (Year 3)


I love to play football and I do enjoy exploring the world of timepieces.

4D1C022D-276C-4363-8583-8F28012A070F - Abbas Keshvani.jpeg

Abbas Keshvani

Enjoy tennis, stand-up comedy, and reading about history - Always up for a chat and connecting with new people.

FX Strategist, JP Morgan

1623726058572 - Hans Raj.jpeg

Senior Analyst (IB), Maybank

Hans Sukhani

Senior Analyst, IB, Maybank

Going plant-based to save the world; Netflix takes up my free time; Cooking videos on YouTube are my therapy

9D074A8C-7C04-4FBE-B8EF-666E19B38455 - Fathona Aulya.jpeg

I love trekking hills/mountains so much, the one itinerary that I always must have when travelling is trekking; Post-covid, I have picked up henna/jagua as a hobby; My friends say I’m an extrovert but I’m really more of an INFJ :-)

Bsc Business, NTU (Year 1)


IMAGE 2021-11-24 23_11_29 - Sharafinaz Shawal.jpg

Bachelors of Sci in Econs, SMU


I enjoy cycling and playing badminton during the weekends - I like to binge watch shows when i'm stress out! - I enjoy teaching children mathematics :)

Bachelors of Science in Econs, SMU (Year 1)


Bachelor of Accountancy, SMU

Durratun Nafisah

Bachelors of Accountancy, SMU
(Year 2) 

I love watching Netflix during my free time; I like trying out new food; I love rollercoasters.

06E37741-94A1-4A89-92C2-B62BA828A56D - Luqman Hakim.jpeg

Cloud Engineer, Versent

Cloud Engineer, Versent

Luqman Tajudin

In-line skating and cafe hopping on the weekends if I’m not binging horror movies 👻

photo_2020-03-16_22-59-16 - Irsyad Ramthan.jpg

Assoc. Product Manager, X0PA AI

Irsyad Ramthan

I love music; I'm obsessed with YouTube & Documentaries; I have 200+ tabs open in my mobile Chrome browser which desperately needs cleaning up.

Haikal 1 - Haikal Yusuf.jpg

Bachelors of Mech Eng, NUS


I build LEGO sets in my free time!; I enjoy learning & trying out new recipes; I love talking about finance & tech with others!

Bachelors of Mech Engineering, NUS (Year 4)

photo6210683333659176700 - musa yassin.jpg

Musa Yassin

Bachelor of Engineering, NTU
(Year 2)

I love rollerblading, I love hiking, I enjoy 3D Printing.

photo_2021-11-07_19-13-22 - Azeez Raasheeda Fathima.jpg

Bachelors of Engineering, SUTD (Year 3)


I am a programmer on weekdays and a cyclist on weekends.

94FE52E1-703A-4EBD-8928-E003279FAAF3 - Aishah Rahmat.jpeg

Senior Associate, DBS Banking


Senior Associate, DBS Banking

I like long walks; I’m usually binge watching crime dramas in my free time; I love reading spoilers.

DA92953C-ED73-4453-AE5F-A7F07885AB4B - MURAT SALMAN.jpeg

Program Manager, Apple

Murat Salman

You can spot me running at Botanic Gardens. I am an early morning person who needs his morning coffee to start the day.

Program Manager, Apple

IMG_20211117_221736_025 - Haady Mattar.jpg

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Diagnostic Radiography, SIT (Year 1)


Maggi Goreng Connoisseur; Mountain biker; Social butterfly.


Bachelors of Business Management, SMU (Year 2)

Farah Aqilah

I love getting to know new people, exploring museums and eateries is my favourite pastime, I enjoy listening to music - a way for me to destress.

C18F370E-9024-48DD-8288-6AE295529DE6 - Fatihatul Hasanah.png

Bachelor of Business, SIM


Bachelor of Business, SIM
(Year 2)


I love snapping photos with my film camera; I love the aroma of coffee; I love a cup of good teh tarik in the cold weather!!

IMG_20210612_141621 (3) - Abdul Khaliq Bin Osman.jpg


Engine Programmer, Ubisoft

Coffee is love. Enjoy the outdoors, gaming, coding, badminton. Getting into cycling.

53662499-3AA6-4A40-8D39-3D65E6B59A22 - Sylvia Look.jpeg

Program Manager, Google 

Sylvia Look

After spending a decade of my youth playing competitive sport, I now get by with occasional jogs and strength training in the gym. When I am not watching Netflix, I enjoy reading biographies and discovering new technologies or startups.


Bachelor of Science (IS), SMU


I'm a simple girl who always tries to find happiness in the small things in life; I love working out at the gym; My current favourite TV series is Grey's Anatomy.

Bachelor of Science (IS), SMU
(Year 2)

me - Amir Azhar.jpg

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering, NUS (Year 4)

Amir Azhar

I am an aspiring web developer and I love hanging out with friends and family. Also, I'm an avid fan of Marvel!

1619527080673 - DakwahApps.jpeg


I love learning about new technologies; I enjoy developing apps that benefit the community (Check out Pusara Checklist!); I love cooking and eating Instant Noodles.

Bachelor of Computing (IS), NUS (Year 3)

IMG_8259 - Grace Chanya Kaorapapong.JPG

Senior New Business Strategist, Google

Grace Chanya Kaorapapong

A Thai native who has been in Singapore for about a decade. I truly enjoy reading, hiking in the woods, and getting to know people.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-06 at 13.53.25 - Ness R.jpeg

Senior Account Developer, Mulesoft

Nas Rawtaer

I enjoy the feeling of flying when I do aerial yoga. The best way to start my work day is to go for a run by the river. I enjoy eating all types of food and I haven't found a cuisine I don't like.

photo_2022-02-06 16.28.48.jpeg

Banking & Finance, SIM UOL


I enjoy hanging with my friends!

Banking & Finance, SIM UOL (Year 1)

Profile pic - Iz Thaqyf.jpg

Bachelors of Mech Engineering, NTU (Year 2)


I do love sports; football and tennis I like exploring( eg.scuba diving) and trying new things all the time. Dreams of having a job that allows me to travel!

IMG-20190524-WA0003 - Ct239Dzafirah.jpg


I'm a matcha addict; I do Muay Thai to release stress; I love to bingewatch shows during my free time.

Bachelors of Business, SUSS
(Year 3)

IMG_20210620_232251_051 - Sheikh Naufal.jpg

Business Intelligence, TiffinLabs


Deep life conversations over Teh Ice Recreational Strength Training Enthusiast I'm also weirdly into medieval war strategies.

D61265C8-DB05-44B9-84D7-22131C6A0B4D - Syed Ali Ridha Madihid.jpeg

Co-Founder, Luwjistik

Syed Ali Ridha Madihid

A sneaker head foodie that loves his coffee masquerading as a serial entrepreneur focus on democratising the logistics industry with technology.

photo_2021-11-15_13-50-41 - Ain Nuha Hazlan.jpg

Bachelors of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, NTU (Year 3)


I love reading on commute rides. I spend too much time in the depths of Wikipedia and I'm always up for a spontaneous picnic!

906EAA5B-0C6F-429D-907A-FCA09FF7E272 - Sharifah Afifah Alsree.jpeg

BSC Economics (Quantitative) & Data Science & Analytics, SMU (Year 1)


Sports enthusiast. Loves conversations over coffee (Down for it anytime, just hit me up!!) Deeply passionate about health and wellness.

photo_2021-11-16_21-15-59 - Ruqayyah.jpg


I enjoy watching films and series in different languages though I don’t understand them. I love eating pasta and penne’s my favourite. I like trying out new things.

Bachelors of Accountancy, SMU (Year 2)

20180802_131509 - Aleena Mansoor.jpg

Brand Director, P&G

Aleena Mansoor

Weekends are for Yoga & Good conversationA major nerd at heart who loves devouring books.Love to break it down on the dance floor (and grocery aisles/anywhere really).

Image from iOS (6) - Mae Noor.jpg

Senior Marketing Lead, Wantedly

Mae Noor

I'm passionate about theatre and the arts I'm obsessed with tv shows and i watch A LOT of it, also obsessed with comics (i collect funko pops) I'm an avid skier with a bucket list to try out Winter Olympic slopes around the world.

Senior Marketing Lead, Wantedly SG

301C57F2-287E-42BD-BCEA-618A7028D315 - Sabrina Nufid.jpeg

Bachelors of Arts (Communications), SIM (Year 3)


I spend most of my $$$ on my cat, norwie #catslave; I love playing floorball. My coping mechanism is laughing, a lot.

A83CF3FE-4E71-46EA-9936-1B56C93FEC61 - Irdina A.L.jpeg

Bachelors of Sci in Marketing, SUSS (Year 4)


I enjoy exploring cafes to try out with my friends and learning about coffee. I love watching films and discovering new music.

910FEE04-69F5-4892-BD85-382E2379BD56 - Ajrina Ajenan.jpeg

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor in Analytics, SUSS (Year 4)


I enjoy seeking therapy at the gym, in music and whipping something up in the kitchen!

28C54A77-29F6-474A-B416-0D925DA905A0 - Liyi Chen.jpeg
28C54A77-29F6-474A-B416-0D925DA905A0 - Liyi Chen.jpeg


Taylor Swift is my latest earworm.

Digital Innovation Office, PWC

photo_2020-01-27_22-04-17 - Attiya.jpg

Regional Marketing, Shopee


Loves running head-on to conquer challenges that comes my way. Loves running around and exploring different routes (both natural and urban). Loves running towards free food.

Regional Marketing, Shopee

IMG_7091 - Ismail Ariffin.JPG

Bachelors of Business Management, SMU (Year 2)


If you're about to do something crazy, risky, and dangerous; I won't stop you. I'll go with you instead!

photo_2021-11-17 00.16.28 - Nur Umaira BMS.jpeg

Bachelors of Social Sciences, NTU (Year 4)


I like the colour navy blue. My favourite soft toy is named Cornflakes. I use this picture for everything.

IMG_20170424_200620_104 - Fairoz Jamil.jpg

Bachelor of Science, NUS

(Year 1)


Part fashionista, part calisthenics junkie. Oh, running is fun too! Anything about gentleman's fashion makes me go wild!

Aisyah - Aisyah Lyana.jpg

Bachelors of Arts in Global Studies & Malay Studies, NUS (Year 4)


I drink too much teh and I laugh way too much :)

IMG-20211004-WA0049 - victoria yim.jpg

Operations Manager, Google

Victoria Yim

I love cooking and baking - and spent some time at culinary school. I spend most weekends with my 2 kids (balls of monstery fun) My goal in life is to have my own masseuse following me around because my achey shoulders won't quit.

DE63BD43-2E81-400C-87B6-4F1E0F9936B4 - Duwei Chai.jpeg


A foodie at heart, we can talk all day as to who owns the best Nasi Lemak in town. I love playing badminton and futsal. Love speaking the Malay language.

Product Policy Manager, Tiktok

photo_2021-12-07_22-50-32 - Dina Amalina.jpg

Bachelor of HR, SUSS


I love going on a food hunt with friends. I enjoy making makeshift mini cat houses for community cats. I am an ambivert and I like having thought provoking conversations with people.

Bachelor of HR, SUSS (Year 4)

d0051754-734e-4322-b7a0-cbf5eea2c00f - Andrew Tan.webp

Andrew Tan

Passionate about helping people help others. Aspiring ecosystem builder in the startup and social enterprise space. Dreams of managing Liverpool Football Club someday.

Country Manager, Wantedly

Sean_004_Small - Sean Loke.tiff

Sean Loke

Team Leader (Digital & Tech), Kingfisher

Discussing why Dota strategy in applicable to mgmt strategy. Peanut butter waffle and kopi O kosong after F45 sessions - Learning from conversations over reading a book.

ProfilePhoto - Umar Moiz.jpg

Bachelors of Engineering Computer Engineering, NUS (Year 4)


I like to go out of my comfort zone and try out new things. I play a lot of music during my free time. I enjoy water sports and being out in the ocean, I find it to be quite relaxing.

IMG_9616 - Nurul Halizah Suhaimi.JPG

Bachelor of Bioengineering, NTU (Year 5)


Cat lover, with an adventurous spirit and love being in the outdoors!

Image - Hazirah Rahim.jpg

Bachelor of HR, SUSS (Year 4)


I have sweet tooth; I spend my free time baking; I love cats.

DSC03310 - Atiqah Hassan.JPG

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance, SIM (Year 1)


I enjoy listening to music, drawing and playing with my cat!

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