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Hafiz Kasman

Co-founder, Kinobi

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Mara Mentoring

Director, External Relations




Owing a lot of my personal accomplishments to the help and guidance of my own mentors, I wish to better enable mentorship for the younger generation.

I am a serial coffee chatter and people learner - I love meeting with people, old and new, to understand the stories of their lives.

Christina Ho

Programme Manager For Corporate Innovation, Padang & Co

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Mara Mentoring

Director, Internal Relations


I have benefitted a lot from informal and formal mentors in my life and hope to give back. I'm also quite curious about designing a unique mentoring programme with a strong sense of community and family.

In the day, I build innovation communities and run corporate innovation programmes. In the night, I watch prison documentaries and when I feel a little down and jaded about life, I watch Boss Baby and Slam Dunk!

Syafiq Firdaus

Management Consultant, LiT Strategy

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Mara Mentoring

Community Lead


I joined this committee to make an an impact to the Malay/Muslim community and to raise the standards for the youths of tomorrow.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, business strategies and all things digital. If I am not at work, you can find me mostly engrossed in the latest Netflix or anime series!

Derrick Pang

Investment Banking Analyst, Maybank Kim Eng

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Mara Mentoring

Operations Lead


I joined Mara Mentoring back in 2019 as I felt the desire to pass along the help I have gotten earlier in university and the meaningful opportunity to do that came along when Hafiz and Ben started this initiative.

I am still a foot in, trying to train for a triathlon. I have been in athletics for the past 10 years and beyond this, i have been experimenting with coffee brewing and cafe hopping!

Azfarihin Aziz

Graduate Management Trainee, Louis Vuitton

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Mara Mentoring

Marketing Lead



Looking back at my undergraduate years, I would have loved having this community of mentors to share how they manoeuvred through their industries. I hope I can bridge that gap for my juniors.

I'm obsessed with market trends of the fashion/luxury industry, especially vis-a-vis its influence in popular culture & social media. When I'm not online, I love morning runs & long-distance cycling!

Khairul Asyraf

Sales Management Associate, UBS

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Mara Mentoring

Program Lead




I would like to contribute back and make a difference to the students who do not have the knowledge and guidance on their career paths so that they don't have to go through this journey alone.